Longarm Quilting Services


Preparing your Quilt Top and Back
The top must be squared, pressed and free of excess threads. The back must be 4 inches larger than the quilt on all four sides, cut, squared and pressed.

Quilting Styles
Edge to Edge, Pantograph, Meandering, Swirls, Loops or all over design $0.015/sq inch; Threads Changes $0.02/sq inch; Applique Quilts (small stippling around applique) $0.02/sq inch

Multiply the length times the width of your quilt top to get the square inches. Multiply the square inches by the cost of the quilting service (see prices above) Examples: The following are based on Edge to Edge quilting pricing:

Twin Quilt Top 68″ X 104″
68 X 104 = 7072 sq inches
7072 x .015 = $106.08

Queen Quilt Top – 90″ X 108″
90 X 108 = 9720 sq inches
9720 X .015 = $145.80

You may supply your own batting or for your convenience we carry Quilters Dream Batting. Dream Cotton select, Dream Poly select, Dream Blend 70/30, Dream request, Fream Puff, Dream Poly Black and Warm and Natural needled cotton batting. If you supply your own batting please make sure it is compatible for longarm quilting. Your batting should be 2 inches larger than your top on all four sides.


You may bring in your backing all prepared or we have the service available for $5.00 per seam, plus an additional $5.00 to square the backing once prepared.

We will cut 2.5 inch straight binding, apply by machine to the front, turn, and hand stitch on the back = 20 cents per inch. If quilt is brought in with binding already machine stitched on we will hand stitch the binding for 20 cents per inch. We will machine stitch the binding to the front and back for 15 cents per inch.

Black and White threads are included in the quilting price.

Our Minimum charge for quilting is $45.00

Your quilt will be processed in the order in which it is received. At that time we can give you an approximate completetion date. Processing time depends largely on the season of the year. When dropping off your quilt, please let us know if there is a specific date that it is needed by so that we can best accommodate your requirements.